Product Name Price for 1 pc.Price for 1m 2
1.The block is the main wall, BSO-125-30-25235627,45
2.The block wall basic reinforced, BSOU-125-30-30290
3.Block height corrector, BKV-125-5-2576
4.Block height corrector thickened, BKVU-125-5-3095
5.End plug wall, ZTS-15-30-545
6.The angular right block, BU-Pr-100-50-30-25*
7.The angular left block, BU-L-100-50-30-25*
8.Block wall folding BSR-120-30-5*
9.The block wall folding reinforced BSRU-120-30-10*
*on requestAll prices are in rubles

Since 2002, Eurodom has implemented many projects for the construction of residential buildings using hybrid technology, consisting of monolithic housing construction and the erection of walls from hollow blocks. The technology of fixed formwork by Eurodom is a saving due to heat saving, strength, durability, seismic resistance of the buildings and structures being built, as well as the maximum speed of their construction. Considering moisture absorption and environmental friendliness tending to zero, together with a wide scope for a unique design, the Eurodom house-building system takes on the responsibility of creating your dream home!

The use of fixed formwork in the construction of houses

Fixed formwork after laying monolithic reinforced concrete is not dismantled. The design remains an integral part of the structure of the building. As materials for fixed formwork are used:

  • Profiled metal sheets.
  • Foamed polystyrene blocks with voids.
  • Wood concrete panels (wood concrete).
  • Glass magnesite sheets.

Our company produces polystyrene foam blocks that serve as fixed formwork in the construction of low-rise buildings. This is a combination of monolithic technology and the construction of structures made of plastic elements. Blocks are hollow products. Their outer walls are much thicker than the inner ones (this provides thermal insulation).

Advantages of fixed polystyrene formwork

The growing popularity of this technology in construction is due to the following advantages:

  • Easy Installation. Laying blocks is similar to assembling parts for a child’s designer. Elements are fastened together thanks to special thorn-groove locks.
  • Speeding up the construction process. After pouring and hardening of concrete, disassembly of the structure is not required.
  • Simplification of installation of communications. It is carried out simultaneously with the construction of walls.
  • Improving curing of concrete and reducing cracking during shrinkage.
  • Reduced waste during construction.
  • Providing high thermal insulation ability. Foamed polystyrene blocks minimize heat loss through walls. This saves on heating.
  • Polystyrene poses no health hazard. It is even used for food packaging.
  • A variety of options for wall cladding inside and out. Surface leveling is not required. Blocks have good adhesion to plaster mixes.
  • High seismic resistance.

Expanded polystyrene is a heat-insulating moisture-repellent light material. It is not susceptible to damage from small rodents, prevents the spread of fungus. The use of permanent formwork of our production allows us to reduce the cost of construction and maintenance, to reduce the time of construction of buildings. There is no need to use lifting mechanisms. Increases work safety.

The required bearing capacity of the walls is achieved by the correct choice of concrete grade and appropriate reinforcement. Fixed formwork contributes to structural strength.

Building walls from polystyrene blocks

Installation is carried out without the use of a solution or glue. The grooves on the end surfaces prevent the displacement of the elements. Fittings and utilities are being laid. After installing 3-4 rows of blocks, their cavities are filled with concrete. The seal is made by a vibrator. Walling of any configuration is possible.

Thanks to the use of polystyrene blocks, the construction period of a small country house is several weeks. No other material can provide such a speed.


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