Wet stucco facades

The solution of walls with a finishing layer of thin-layer stucco was developed on the basis of facade systems with a thin outer plaster layer for thermal insulation from cut polystyrene foam panels of facade grades with graphite content PPS15F-RG, PPS20F-RG and without graphite content PS16F-R for low-rise residential buildings of constructive fire class hazards C3 up to 3 floors inclusive. The basis for the facade system with a protective and decorative layer of thin-layer plaster with a thickness of 6 - 8 mm are: external load-bearing or self-supporting walls made of monolithic reinforced concrete or piece materials (brick, stones, cellular concrete and concrete blocks).

Multilayer facades

When performing multilayer walls with a protective and decorative layer of brick, heat-insulation is made using polished polystyrene plates made of expanded polystyrene grades PPS10, PPS12, PPS13 or PPS14. Multilayer walls with brick cladding can be made load-bearing and non-bearing for buildings up to 75 m high.Laminated exterior walls with an effective heat-insulating layer and a protective brick wall are used for buildings with dry and normal temperature and humidity conditions (SP 15.13330). The use of a three-layer masonry with effective insulation for the external walls of rooms with a wet operating mode is allowed provided that a vapor barrier coating is applied to their internal surfaces.



For the manufacture of decorative elements of building facades.
  • Density, kg/m3 – 14
  • GOST – PPS14 (old PSBS-15)

PRICE from 2350 rub per m3

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Heat and sound insulation of external walls according to the “wet facade” system, for the manufacture of decorative elements of building facades.
  • Density, kg/m3 – 16
  • GOST – PPS16f (old PSBS-25)

PRICE from 2550 rub per m3

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Heat insulation and sound insulation of industrial premises, flat exploited roofs, floors with load capacity.
  • Density, kg/m3 – 18
  • GOST – PPS18 (old PSBS-25)

PRICE from 2850 rub per m3

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