ECOFLOOR is a universal system board with a heat and sound insulating lower layer of expanded polystyrene and a strong film coating to ensure the strength of the bosses and waterproofing. Overlapping forms an integral heat and sound insulating layer.

Unlike competitive plates, when laying pipes, you can use the boss as a support for bending pipes. The pipe does not need to be bent first and then laid in grooves. Significant time savings are obtained when laying pipes.

Easy laying of pipes with the press of a foot, even when turning through 180°, laying with a form of “snake” and “snail” is possible

Unlike competitive plates, when laying pipes, there is no need to use harpoon fixing brackets. The use of harpoon fixing brackets leads to the appearance of holes in the plate and the violation of heat, sound and waterproofing.

The main advantages of floor mats:

  • Reliable fixation of heating pipes due to bosses on the boss ensures ease of installation. Savings due to the rejection of harpoon clamp brackets and the reduction of labor costs during installation is about 30-35 rub / m2.
  • The overlapping and mechanical fixing of one edge of the plate on the other plate according to the “button lock” principle prevents the formation of cold and sound bridges when pouring the screed and reliably prevents the movement of plates and pipes when pouring the finish screed. Plates do not “moving” when laying
  • Film coating provides reliable waterproofing.
  • Due to the reliefof the plate, the tubes rise above the surface of the plate, the contact surface of the tube with the concrete screed increases
  • The bottom layer is made of polystyrene foam and provides heat and sound insulation. Protection of heating pipes from possible damage during construction already during installation


there is no mark-up of intermediaries for manufactured products
German world-class equipment. Production control at all stages
price, quality, characteristics
standard sizes of plates and packaging
according to individual customer size
Shipment and delivery 24/7
We deliver according to the application to the destination


Convenience in work, low labor costs
Does not support flame
Light weight panel
Ecological compatibility
Low water absorption
Reliable and convenient locking connection
High thermal insulation properties

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