Advantages of pallets::

  1. Repeated use is allowed;
  2. Low weight of pallets of 3-5 kg with a carrying capacity of 800 kg and above, which reduces transport costs and simplifies logistics operations;
  3. High hygienic properties;
  4. Easy to wash and disinfect;
  5. High resistance of the foam pallets to various aggressive and corrosive liquids (strong and dilute acids, alkalis);
  6. High resistance to microorganisms;
  7. A clean, smooth surface – there are no nails, sharp corners, burrs, chips, knots – which increases the safety of work and prevents damage to the load;
  8. Styrofoam pallets are not subject to decay, moisture accumulation, harmful substances and odors;
  9.  The mass of the pallet does not depend on weather conditions, there is no water absorption;
  10.  The possibility of recycling;
  11. Low cost, consistent quality;
  12. Foam pallets are very convenient for closed logistics systems in pharmaceutical, food, chemical enterprises, for example, for transport cycles inside the company.

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