Warming of pipelines for various purposes (sewer, water, for heating) is an important condition for the normal functioning of both a private house and multi-story buildings, public buildings. As a heater for pipes today, expanded polystyrene shells are most popular.

Many do not understand why it is necessary to insulate, for example, pipes for hot water, because the energy carrier in them is already hot and heats the structure itself, so it will not be able to freeze even in the most severe frosts. Thermal insulation material helps to reduce heat loss during the passage of energy from the source of heat energy to the consumer. In addition, and this is very important in our time, when the cost of gas and electricity rises every six months, the thermal insulation of pipes will help to significantly save on heating bills.

This type of insulation got its name – “shell”, for the peculiarity of appearance and application. The product looks like a tube made of polystyrene foam. It can be cut into 2, 3 or 4 parts. For reliability of joining at the edges of cuts there are grooves. The cylinder itself is simply put on the pipe (it does not matter which one) – that’s the whole process of work. Thus, the use of shells is an extremely simple technology that can be used independently. “Shell” made of polystyrene foam for insulation of pipelines has several advantages over its counterparts.

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