Thermal insulation of buildings with minimization of energy costs has now become a priority.

Eurodom company offers its solution for thermal insulation of rooms – facade thermal panels, manufactured using the latest technology on the latest generation equipment, which, in turn, places high demands on the quality of raw materials.

The combination of these indicators is a guarantee of excellent quality of the finished product with high performance. The material for the manufacture of thermal panels is polystyrene foam.

Its main properties include:

– resistance to active environments, both chemical and biological;

– high resistance to fire;

– durability;

– neutrality to static electricity;

– moisture resistance, as a result of which is not susceptible to decay and damage by fungi;

– high thermal insulation performance.

These properties are without fail confirmed by certificates of countries of manufacturers of expanded polystyrene used in the manufacture of facade thermal panels.

Finished panels look like facade tiles with dimensions of 100 x 60 mm and a thickness of 5 mm. The design of the thermal panel includes guides that facilitate its fastening with self-tapping screws.

Thermal panel is an excellent combination of beauty and reliability. If other plates for the outer cladding of the facade have a uniform structure and require additional use of thermal insulation, then thermal plates combine both functions, which is very convenient.  The edges of the panel have a thorn-groove locking mechanism, which greatly facilitates wall mounting.